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2019: The Hustle For Nigeria's Reformation by Chin Ce

Most of us were part of a spirited campaign way back in 2014 for the battle of votes against the clueless sitting president of Nigeria and an end to the misery of the PDP political regime of corruption and impunity in state affairs. However many of us were not fooled into believing in the reeling zigzag metamorphoses of the political machineries called PDP, APC and their likes, knowing them as a distinction without a difference.

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Zimbabwe in the Teeth of Another Crocodile by Chin Ce

While the mass euphoria over the exit of Robert Mugabe from the commanding office of Zimbabwean corporate nationhood rouses and simmers among the general population, Zimbabweans and, indeed, Africans must needs remind themselves that the emergence of one probable tyrant Mnangagwa in replacement of the other tyrant Mugabe is Morning Yet on Creation Day as the acclaimed father of African literature, Chinua Achebe, would have chastised them.

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The International Society of Literary Fellows (Lsi)

Become an Accosiate - ALSi

LSi is the society of creative writers and scholars from Africa and the world with critical interest in current developments around modern cultures of indigenous and foreign language expressions. In partnership with Progeny International, the LSi aims to assess and promote the emergence of works of
visionary creative impetus in the genres of modern African fiction, non-fiction and visual arts.

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A. M. Mainasara's The Five Majors - Why They Struck is Mere Ethnic Propaganda by Ubaji Isiaka Abubakar Eazy

I read Adewale Ademoyega's Why We Struck a long time before now and found it an interesting and informative account (from an insider and an active participant in the coup) of the events that necessitated the first coup d'etat which took place in Nigeria. But when I came across A. M. Mainasara's refutation; The Five Majors-Why They Struck; I found myself scuttling back to Adewale Ademoyega's Why We Struck to ascertain the validity of A. M. Mainasara's facts, or perhaps opinions.

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In Every Oppressed Lives a Kanu by Ernest Enobong

The Biblical Moses was evidently a mass murderer. Gentlemen don't come meeker than Jesus, or Buddha, the Christ, yet Jesus was said to have got so exasperated at some point with the system in the synagogues that he flipped a table. He eventually changed the religious configuration of the world for better. Conformity and subtleties have rarely cut it with dysfunctional systems and their purveyors. What panacea have our more cultured countrymen not prescribed for the Nigerian system? How many national conferences have we not convoked? What has it availed? 

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Last Eight Months Prove United States a Bonafide 'Regime' by Neil Clark

Elected to the Oval Office as a harsh critic of US involvement in costly Middle Eastern conflicts by a war-weary public, The Donald has turned out be just as much of a war president as those who went before. He’s ordered the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian government airfield and dropped the "Mother of All Bombs" on Afghanistan. That’s in addition to threatening North Korea and Venezuela and escalating US involvement in the bombing of cholera-stricken Yemen.

The millions of Americans who voted for Trump, hoping he’d be the president to bring the troops back home, have been cruelly disappointed and are certainly feeling betrayed. They shouldn’t be at all shocked, however, as American political history shows us a clear pattern.

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Russell Crowe on Dangers of the American Lawsuit against key Nigerian Officials re-posted by Zito Brown

A landmark civil damages and human rights lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia by U.S. attorney Bruce Fein against sixteen Nigerian officials for their direct or indirect complicity and in the extrajudicial killings or torture of some Igbo group who were protesting marginalization based on their ethnicity, political viewpoint or religion. The Igbo organized themselves as the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), which is as nonviolent as, if not as symbolic as - for instance - the 'agitation' for Republic of Texas, or of California in USA; and even Scotland that its own Premier is the one leading the charge for a referendum of autonomy from Britain. In all these cases, the agitators are not being shot at, tortured or killed by the army and police.

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Buhari: The Imperative Of Abdication  by SOC Okenwa

After 38 years of an authoritative presidency, the Angolan strong man, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos (74), has just abdicated power having appointed a successor, former Defense Minister, Joao Lourenco, one whose loyalty to both the ruling MPLA Party and the retiring old leader is never in any doubt.

Dos Santos relinquished power voluntarily when he discovered that his health was deteriorating, and could therefore no longer cope with the rigor of the exalted office. The President had been in and out of hospitals in Lisbon and elsewhere much like our own ailing President Buhari, the Zimbabwean nonagenarian, Robert Mugabe, and so many other dictators across the continent.

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The Hypocrites of Unity, Peace and Progress by Chin Ce

It is inconceivable the public indignity of having to listen to bogus utterances by Africa's failed leaders such as Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida and Yakubu Gowon on what's good for Nigeria's unity. If these leaders hadn't squandered the opportunities for national peace and eliminated progressive voices that sought to hold them to different account, Nigeria and, indeed, Africa would not have seen the mess it is today. 

In his recent statement, two-time head of state, Obasanjo, true-to-type, averred that he has no apology, but explanation, for their past self-serving misdeeds which included prosecuting a needless civil war wherein they massacred two million innocents.

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President Should Take a Bow by Chin Ce

Avid reactions may trail the address to the Nation by Nigeria's President after over hundred days of health-imposed exile from the political administration of his country. Buhari came back with little, let alone effusive, apologies for his absence, no comments on the excruciating hardship suffered by millions of the talakawa - ordinary Nigerians - who had voted for him in the hope that change had come to a nation sundered in corruption and enslaved by a cabal of political ex-this and ex-that who had cornered the billions of the nation's oil resources in manic acquisitionism. 

Instead, what was clear from the speech, as scripted by his stereotypes in their professional sycophancy circles, is the same lame repetition of unity being not negotiable. 

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The Falsehood of Religion and Politics by Feli City



In his Facebook book post on 19 08 2017 Christed debated the knowledge of human beginnings on planet Earth noting how scientific and religious communities of the east and west conspired to keep humans in permanent ignorance about their true beginnings and divine heritage. Religion is allied to falsehood, he always writes. Humans have been lied to several times from age to age through religious and political doctrines, and robbing the people of their money is the reason for these scriptural and constitutional lies. 

Christed quotes from the best selling book of Matthew and Suzanne Ward that "ostensibly all religions originated their own dogma to benefit the peoples. But, in fact, accurate historical recordings show that a few people who wished to control the many peoples deliberately devised falsehoods that enabled this control. 

"Very long ago," says Matthew, in his book Revelations For A New Era with Suzanne Ward, the religious leaders made up stories to confuse and mislead the minds searching for an understanding of their Beginnings. 

"The leaders saw that the truth would allow people a closeness to God that did not require money or intervention by other humans, and that did not suit their purposes. 

"So to satisfy their greed and desire for control, the leaders contrived layer upon layer of distance between God and the individual heart and soul. It is their false information that you revere and hold most sacred."

Matthew avers that "Worshipping God is not kneeling and feeling lowly, it is looking within and exulting in the knowing of your inseparable God connection."  

Inseparable God connection is the key phrase here, meaning that every human is created from the same God fabric as any other and has equal direct connection with the Creator if he /she so freely wills it. But in a world filled with countries ruled by mad men where, for example, the North Korean boy child is playing supreme leader supported by godless China, where the United States old man President is a revolting Christian fanatic who hates Muslims, and Nigeria and indeed all of Africa are headed by fanatical Muslim Christian and tribal bigots, how can the world's masses ever begin to read and understand the great disservice of ignorance their religious and political leaders are doing to them? 

As someone named Terry comments on the Facebook post, there is only confusion, and truly, more confusion everywhere you look among the blinded followers, another Facebook user, Ernest, supports that Matthew Ward's message is the truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Will human beings rise with one voice and mind to reject the uncountable number of greedy politicians, pastors, bishops, imams, prophets, and rabbis who have aided the politicians in turning them blind and senseless zombies from generation to generation? 

The answer remains with time. 


The Power of Now: Life principles expounded by Eckhart Tolle, posted by Feli City



The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is a book by Eckhart Tolle. According to Wikipedia editors, the book is intended to be a guide for day-to-day living and stresses the importance of living in the present moment and avoiding unwanted and usually energy sapping thoughts of the past or future.

Here are some select life changing quotes from Eckhart Tolle's book which when practised with diligence and mindfulness can transform your whole life on earth from one of a negative thinking victim to a positive polarised victor of your own mind, body and spirit complex.

Everywhere in the world today it is clear that the journey is challenging.  Eckhart Tolle offers via simple language and in question-and-answer format simple neglected nuggets of wisdom to guide us. His message is simple: living in the now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment.

Start reading The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment on your Kindle, Amazon and Goodreads book stores.

You can also read the whole of the 27 Life changing lessons of Eckhart Tolle as written by Luminita D. Saviuc at Purpose Fairy website here: http://www.purposefairy.com/72674/27-life-changing-lessons-to-learn-from-eckhart-tolle/



Campus Blues by Princess Nefertiti

Tiny drops of rain make the sounds  tim, tim, tim on the alumaco roof of the class as Bella Greene rummages in her bag for her ringing cell phone. This number is strange, she thinks as she cuts the call and scrolls to Tentops campus gossips blog in search of the exam timetable. “It must be here somewhere,” she mutters to herself as she rapidly flips through the screen of her Blackberry Z10. Halfway, she gasps in surprise and stares harder at her phone. Her eyes are glued to the bold sentence on the Tentops secrets blog page showing on her screen:

On Tentops today: Alleb and Atina are the hottest “suupeh” a’ la’ jungle. Guys beware!

“Oh my God,” she screams. As she turns around, she meets the spying eyes of her course mates staring at her. Condescension and amazement line many faces. Suddenly as if on cue, they burst into derisive laughter. She looks back at the offending phone in anger and shame. “How dare they call me a les!” she fumes.

“Tentops is always correct,” smacks Anna, a short, spiteful girl, who has always resented Bella’s intelligence. She studiously backs Bella’s seat as she loudly discusses the juicy blog post with the group. They huddle together in a semi-circle that has Bella on the fringe.

“Serves them right!” throws in Isabel in a loud whisper.

“Stupid lesbian bitches,” adds Esther for good measure.

Bella’s back stiffens as each stroke of the tongue-lash seems to descend on her back with increasing ferocity. She buries her face in her hand in humiliation. She is too ashamed to move.

“Why?” she asks silently. Why me? “Who could have done this?"

Suddenly, a tap on her shoulder and she nearly jumps out of her skin looking up. It is Anita. Her recently supposed partner in the crime of female same sex romance.

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The Truth about Vaccines: Exposing the Darkness with Suzanne Ward, Posted by Feli City

Some vaccines have been developed specifically to cause problems! Their original intent is to preserve life by eradicating disease - now the intent is to eradicate life by causing disease. This is just one more example of the work of the dark forces. It takes only a handful of darkly-influenced minds - the ones who conceive the ideas and their cohorts who develop or contaminate some vaccines- to carry out this sinister plot. Vaccinations are not voluntary in many cases. They are mandated by unsuspecting authorities who simply follow orders given to them, and severe repercussions befall the dissenters. So inoculations are administered by well-meaning health care-givers who are unaware that they are infecting, not protecting, people.

An example is the HIV AIDS virus

You can see evidence of this in the viruses that are prevalent on Earth. The most pernicious of these, which causes what you call AIDS, is a skillfully designed combination of mutant viruses that comes directly from a laboratory to achieve the purpose of its fulfilling. How foolish to state that AIDS originated in monkeys! If that were the case, you must question how the disease was so easily traced to them when they aren't affected by it as humans are. And since the virus isn't airborne, how could the first individuals diagnosed with AIDS have been bitten by infected monkeys? That disease wasn't discovered in the countries where the monkeys live - it appeared in homosexual individuals who lived in two cities on opposite coasts of a continent thousands of miles away! We can only wonder why, when people are clamoring for the truth about many other "official" stories, they are not questioning the true origin of AIDS.

Beyond the millions who are suffering and the death tolls that keep mounting are many other sources of negativity stemming from this disease: the physical and emotional pain and hopelessness of the ill and their families; the grief and hardships of survivors; the many children orphaned; the fear of the vastness to which this "incurable" disease has spread, debilitating entire nations' peoples. By dark design, the vaccines and later, the "treatment" medications, created all this negativity, and the misery and grief so far exceeds the experiencing chosen by the affected individuals as to be indescribable.

Taken from Revelations For A New Era. A Matthew book with Suzanne Ward, pp 250-251. http://www.matthewbooks.com/books/revelations-for-a-new-era/


Nigeria's Failure and the Biafran Problem (2) by Chin Ce

While 'One Nigeria' has been the common chant among subsequent beneficiaries of the modern state perennially sustained by the complicity of every component unit of the Nigerian amalgamation,the corrupt and preternaturally selfish members of the 8th legislative assembly have symptomatically rejected restructuring of the bloated federation mainly because of the knowledge that there is enough oil in the Niger delta to sustain a parasitic and uncreative federation. In fact the discovery of oil, the continued exploitation of the oil rich delta and wanton desecration of the environment of oil producing regions have actually been powered and sustained by collective cynicism toward the Nigerian project from the moment of its early contraption. 

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Nigeria's Failure and the Biafran Problem by Chin Ce

The problem of Nigeria's failure in Africa has been compounded by the problem of growing demands for the restoration of the defunct Biafra Republic. But the problem with Biafra, just like the Nigerian problem, is the lack of a studied intellectual platform for the harnessing of ideas necessary to inspire a wide following from the general component formations that would ensure its stability and prosperity as a nation.

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