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FROM the unique concern with authors and their work, our scholarship in African literature has moved beyond texts and conventional categorisations to investigate progress and aesthetic of African writers along fairly original and indigenous African philosophy.


We showcase several authors and writings of African and Lusophone African experience in the desired curiosity about African literary content and the processes of tradition and talent within a cultural mother-hive that spans several decades of creative virtuosity by Africa’s prodigious talents.



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We have incorporated new insights and transformative perspectives on history and language; our scholars investigate tendencies and evocations that envision the imaginative articulation of African identity, the contestation of language and history, the reassessment of culture and heritage within a tradition of literature for communal uplift and social transformation. .




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JOURNAL OF AFRICAN LITERATURE AND CULTURE NO. 11  [African Rhythms] Chin CE - Charles SMITH (Ed)  IRCALC, 2014 206 p.

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