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African Dirge Poetry: Comparative Studies


Comparative Studies in African Dirge Poetry is an important contribution to research in African literature by Nigerian scholar GMT Emezue. We meet, in this seminal work, the métier of various categories of African mourners.
They are the conjurers of images and weavers of emotions manipulating human feelings and sensitivity by such admirable craftsmanship as can only be known to those gifted bards of all ages.
GMT Emezue's interest in traditional African dirge songs and modern poetry is borne from her conviction that nowhere in the corpus of oral poetry have there been more works of heightened creativity than the dirge forms. In this study of these varied emotional and artistic responses of dirge singers and composers in many parts of Africa, the author posits a theory of African dirge poetry drawn from what she identifies as 'recurring points in the genre'.

 “…a worthwhile fruit of an assiduously pursued research …revealing a lot about African interactive and unified cultures. …” -Onuora Ossie Enekwe.

African Dirge Poetry, Comparative Studies in [Criticism]. 

GMT EMEZUE  [2000] 216p.

ISBN: 978-36034-1-8


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