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NN Dzenchuo


NN Dzenchuo is one of Anglophone Cameroon's budding poets. Born on the 26th of February 1977 in Ekona, on the slopes of Mount Cameroon, some four miles from Buea, the regional capital of the South West and German capital of Kamerun, Dzenchuo holds the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level. Due to lack of finance after A-Levels he could not proceed to university. But he overcame this frustration with prolific reading, absorbing anything he could find in terms of books, magazines, newspapers, news, etc., and finally travelling to Nigeria where he spent fifteen months studying and researching to become a writer. 



Of the rising voices in Cameroonian poetry in English, NN Dzenchuo may be counted amongst one of her most promising. With a trilogy of poetry written in the true African Griot tradition, Dzenchuo chronicles Africa’s catastrophic moments -colonialism, neo-colonialism and the leadership crises that the continent continues to grapple with. He also praises those who have distinguished themselves as heroes and heroines against the ills which the poet condemns. This Negritudinist character of his work is a call on Africans wherever they find themselves to valorise their roots and culture. He states that despite years of betrayal and frustration, Africa remains the motherland of humanity -a fact that every black man needs to arise and proclaim. This call for return is not new as it started since Cesaire and Senghor yet remains crucial to the continent in the face of contemporary challenges.




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