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Children of Koloko
: Short Fiction




Chin Ces first work of prose fiction takes the form of a folk adventure in which the young hero of the story, Yoyo, observes, comments, and partakes in a modern African drama of life set in a semi-urban, neglected community called Koloko. The young ones lacking role models covet the fortunes of looters of public wealth and try out their own hands at stealing from the community at every opportunity. Gradually Yoyo is seen to transit to maturity but the story of broken dreams seems to trail his development even as the society of Koloko stagnates through the years. Very interesting stories in this readable collection include Coming to Koloko, The Talk of the Town, Old Wives' Quarrels, The Chicken Theft and A Joker from Jah-My.

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Children of Koloko [Short Fiction]. Chin CE [2001] 182p.

ISBN: 978-35062-0-1

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