Our Mission




Our Mission



African Books Network with its cosmopolitan research outlook is poised to meet the book needs of African generations for times to come. From Nigerian roots operating e-publishing service in California and North Carolina, with several online retainer outlets around the world, the ABN venture has provided African writers a solid distribution platform where erstwhile traditional publishing methods had virtually ground to a halt.

Since the year 2000 when we joined the information highway of online solutions, our alliance to global publishing and research development has exceeded most scholarly expectations and trifled the challenges of economic depression and political instability within the African region. Thus have our select projects at African Books Network given boost to a renaissance of dynamic literature for whole generations. In our wake comes a harvest of expressions evident from titles that have become important referrals in contemporary literary and cultural studies.

Over the years, with Print issues of New Voices followed by e-book versions, and several other works that have earned their stay on our tabloid, our network has demonstrated its commitment to the vision of a continent that must align to a universal world heritage of express knowledge and information exchange. This distinctive editorial position is further strengthened by our affiliation with AfricaResearch International projects on world-wide web. For every one of us on deck, a hands-on interactive relationship is the deal which translates to flexibility and resilience in line with trending directions in the book industry, ensuring that African writers are part of the information revolution of the present -and future.

With the above mission of Africa's prime book printing and distribution network our writers can reliably look forward to continual privileged assistance regarding international proofing, editing and distribution services for their most valued and treasured creations.


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