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Children of Koloko, Gamji College, The Visitor



Children of Koloko is Ce's first novel told through the eyes and actions of young Yoyo and his friends, Buff and Dickie. The story spans the life and habits of Koloko, a semi urban Nigerian town, and her people. In this collection Chin Ce displays the craft of dialogue in his portraiture of characters who only reflect the modern sensitivities of Africa's dying values. Gamji College is Chin Ce's second published prose fiction dealing with the character of the new nation states of Africa under the various civilian and military regimes that govern them in the twenty-first century. The Visitor is a story set in the future of 2040 AD where Deego views a movie and triggers off a series of experiences which draw from a history of crime and consequence, villain and victim, in a Third World country, Nigeria.

Trilogy: Children of Koloko, Gamji College, The Visitor  [Fiction]. 

Chin CE  2009 516 p.

ISBN 978-9-7836-0342-4


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