Journal of New Nigerian Poetry NNP 2


This issue of the New Nigerian Poetry Journal, NNP goes with a brilliant dedication to retiring professor of English, Romanus Egudu, of the University of Benin "in recognition of his contributions to the development of African literature (in general) and Nigerian poetry in particular."

The NNP No. 2 journal also presents a literary showcase: the Chat Forum hosted by project editor GMT Emezue where Nigerian poet and novelist Chin Ce debuts as guest.


  NNP #2  


Other features include new studies of Nigerian poets such as Romanus Egudu himself, Ossie Onuora Enekwe,  Odia Ofeimun and Ken Saro Wiwa.







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EMEZUE, G. M. T. (Ed).  Journal of New Nigerian Poetry No. 2. IRCALC, 2005, 167 p.

ISBN: 978 36034 9 3

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