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New Voices (Recent Nigerian Poetry)


The timely appearance of this anthology of African poetry has expanded the African literary frontier, marking the resurgence of new and fairly known works in the beggarly charted firmament of African poetry.

On the distinction of this collection, editor GMT Emezue notes:  'We have followed an arrangement distinguished from past attempts at demarcations along themes and convenient publication periods.

The objective is 'to present a wide list of readable materials that will appeal to audience from whatever academic levels and nationalities they may come.'

 The anthology, which we hope to frequently update, features some wholly new and other popular Nigerian voices such as Enekwe, Ce, Onwudinjo, Adeoti, Chylekezi, Adegoke, Bassey and Ushie to mention but a few.

New Voices: A Collection of Recent Nigerian Poetry [Anthology].  [Ed.] GMT EMEZUE  [2000] 216p.

ISBN: 978-36034-5-0


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