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Our Mission at African Books Network

We will assist to proof, edit, and refine your work with the services of professional readers and copy editors until the quality of your manuscript meets peer refereed standards. You may then proceed elsewhere or choose to publish with us on very convenient terms.


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Publishing is that simple!

In Three Simple Steps


1. Have your manuscript reviewed

2. Consider our Proposal

3. Get Published and Obtain copies!

Take a few easy steps to make your work come alive in print.

We will assist with graphics and, even on a modest budget, our global connections can link you with the latest printing technology available. Local presses are also on hand to afford you with cheaper printing services you can expect anywhere in the region.

Get Published for the right price!


The competitive book venture has ensured that publishing adopts the most resilient methods of pricing and service charges. African Books Network connects you to worldwide distribution schemes by which you track sales in real time. With online retainer outlets around the world, the ABN venture now offers writers a solid distribution platform where erstwhile traditional methodology had virtually ground to a halt.

Join our eBook publishing revolution!


Since the year 2000 when we first launched our electronic program, we have converted our  publications to eBooks for writers wishing to make the writing business a more marketable venture in today's dynamic internet age.

Now you can explore the opportunity of increased commercial traffic for your books through e-solutions aimed at aligning even the remotest regions to the global network.

Our e-program is easy and cost-effective whereby you can quickly reach readers through downloads from online bookstores.

As you join the information highway of online solutions, you will discover our alliance to global publishing and research development exceeds your most scholarly expectations and even trifles the challenge of economic underdevelopment in the region.

Become part of our global network!


 Over the years, and with several works that have earned their stay on our tabloid, we have demonstrated our commitment to the vision of a continent which must needs align to a universal world heritage of knowledge and information exchange.

Our select projects have given boost to a renaissance of dynamic literature for whole generations. In our wake comes a harvest of expressions evident from titles that have become important referrals in contemporary literary and cultural studies.

This distinctive position is further strengthened by our affiliation with Africa Research projects on world-wide web.

For every one of us on deck, a hands-on interactive relationship is the deal which translates to flexibility and resilience in line with trending directions in the book industry, ensuring that African writers are part of the information revolution of our technological future.

Expect privileged assistance

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 With the above for our mission, writers can reliably look forward to continued privileged assistance regarding international proofing and distribution for their valued creations at Africa's prime book publishing network.


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