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African Short Stories Vol. 1 Published!

African Short Stories Vol. 2: Calling for Submissions

Project Award Dedicated to Chinua Achebe

African Short Stories Vol. 2 Published!




African Short Stories Vol. 2

Call for Submissions


The short story is an important but largely neglected medium for artistic and educational development of many cultures. Most creative writers and novelists had started out with short story writing although few have been consistent and successful in handling the compressed narrative structure of the story telling tradition. In many African cultures it has been an elegant, celebrated means of cultural transmission and moral upbringing of the young. The International Society of Literary Fellows, a.k.a., Literary Society int., in conjunction with the International Research Council on African Literature and Culture, IRCALC, is poised to revive reading and critical interest in African short fictions and their worldwide transmission through available information and distribution media.



Submissions are open to published or not-yet-published writers from Africa.
A writer may submit one or more entries; however, entries with tardy typographical finishing may not be accepted for review.
Submissions in Swahili, Xhosa, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba (and other African language of world broadcast) will be considered if their equivalent English translations are attached.
The Literary Society will adopt a review process and will consider quality of language and style of composition.



A submission could be less, but not more than, 10,000 words of an original composition.
We will welcome any work of elegant imagination although life writing are generally considered if presented in short story mode.
Please note that work based on pedestrian or beaten concerns will not be fitting for this volume.
A work that relies upon or recreates familiar oral traditions and legends must have at least 75% innovation and variation in composition.
Stories may reflect aspects of modern or traditional life but credible fictional characterisation (human and animal) and visionary perspectives on conflict within the tradition of the short fiction narrative will merit especial recognition.
Literary experimentations across the genres (poetic and dramatic) and the marriage of traditional story telling with modern narrative techniques might prove useful.



Submissions are ongoing for the year 2015 until June 30. Initial Entries for review may be sent to the editors here

LSi may issue acceptance notification to successful entrants subject to final and satisfactory review of submitted stories. By your submission you agree to the Publishing Conditions of the International Research Council of African Literature and Culture, IRCALC

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