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Website of Africa Research in African Literature and Culture by IRCALC... For scholarly reviews and criticism on contemporary African (and Diaspora African) writers: Achebe . Aidoo . Allende . Ambanasom . Andreas . Armah . Atta . Ba . Bandele-Thomas . Bessora . Beti . Biyaoula . Brathwaite . Camara . Ce . Coetzee . Couto . D’Aguiar . Dasylva . Dlamini . Emecheta . Enekwe . Ezeigbo . Fall . Farah . Forna . Gimba . Gordimer . Habila . Head . Iyayi . Kane . Kuti . Lessing . Lopes . Lupenga . Mabanckou . Magona . Mahfouz . Makeba . Morrison . Mpe . Naipaul . Ndongo .  Ngugi. Nkengasong . Ofeimun . Ojaide . Okri . Onwueme . Osammor . Osofisan . Osundare .   Naylor . Ousmane .Oyono . Rotimi . Roumain . Shakur . Soyinka . Toomer . Ushie . Uways . Vassanji . Vera . Walker . Wilson...

Plus:- Angolan Writing . Camerounian Birth Songs . Hindi Movies in Africa . Igbo War, Marriage and Birth Songs . New Kenyan Writers . Nigerian Pidgin Rhetoric . Oral Performance among the Graffi . Rumuji Women Dance . Rwandese Insigamigani Texts . Yoruba Satirical Songs . Zimbabwean Popular Music 




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Journal of African Literature No. 12 [African Narratives]

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This site is dedicated to studies in African literature and culture, and the propagation of African thought and aesthetic. For years IRCALC initiatives have given impetus for the emergence of scholarly publications on African literary and cultural expressions.

Our Mission and Purpose

To further the imaginative approach to Africa's leadership and development concerns through providing an online network for independent discourse on Africa's literature and culture, not excluding, indeed, other writings of Africa's Diaspora that lend meaning and support to this vision.


>>CFP News / announcements>>


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>>Meet Irene Marques:>>

Poet, Scholar, Editor

Irene Marques holds the University of Toronto Ph.D. in Comparative literature. Raised in Portugal and currently living in Canada, her understanding of colonialism and discrimination is generally shaped by an academic background in social work and comparative literature with emphasis on African literatures in Portuguese, French and English, and Caribbean. Dr. Marques currently teaches world literature and Portuguese at two universities in Canada with an emphasis on African and Caribbean literatures.



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